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I'm tired of figuring out what I should do!!!
I was up till 5 in the morning staring at the courses at Harvard Ext... looking at the syllabi's and already stressing out!! I don't participate in class discussions normally and management classes always gives a whole 20% towards it... ack! Plus, they have prerequisites for some of the classes, but I have taken FE classes, just not at Harvard Ext... so does that mean that I don't need to take the prereq's or do I still need to?? Registration starts tomorrow!! What should I do?? I could always just register and have them charge 3K's to my credit card... but UGH! I dunno!!!

This doesn't mean I'm necessarily taking the courses though.. it's gonna buy me time... basically i'd just lose out on the $50 registration fee if I was to withdraw from the classes. BLAH! Already stressed about classes and they haven't even started nor have I even registered... am I meant to take classes???


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