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GO RAIN!! tee-hee ^_^

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Really shouldn't be up =P I have sucha messed up sleeping schedule... ugh.. but anyhoo.. I just wanted to share =)

So Bi aka Rain (and Jung Ji-Hoon <- his real name), this Korean actor/singer who's MEGA popular all over asia right now. He sold out every one of his concerts during his Asia Rainy Day tour AND he apparently sold out his two day concert in New York's Madison Square Garden too =) I'm not a HUGE fan of his singing... but he can move =) People compare him to both Usher & Justin Timberlake. So the main reason I'm a fan of his is cause of his dramas =P I mean he is cute, has a really cute smile and has washboard abs, but mainly it was his cute personality in the drama Full House that caught my attention... looks are not enough, personality makes all the difference. So basically he wants to enter into the US market towards the end of 2006. He wants someone Asian to make it in the US and hopes for that person to be him... and so far by the looks of things, it could be... But ya never know... Rain met P.Diddy backstage and according to an article I read, P.Diddy thinks Rain could make it and supports him too... There were other big wigs at the concert too... I do hope he makes it, it'd be nice to see an Asian person make it... it's so difficult though....

Sad I didn't to go to the concert, but it's okay... it's betta I spend my money elsewhere anyhow =) RIGHT??

oh but here is a news interview of him if anyone wants to check it out.


just click on Truly Julie : Korean Super Star

okie.. i swear i'm off to bed now..
will be studying all weekend... yay!! NOT!!
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