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one more complaint for the day....

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*whine* *whine* *whine*

that's all I seem to do lately... complain and whine...
ugh... but just one more for today and I promise no more... for tonight at least...

I can feel the same disgust/stress taking over my body once again... why??? cause i'm returning to my old company tomorrow... I know it's only temping, but it still feels the same... but this time, i'll be the pion of all pion's... the lowest of the lows... I don't want to temp anymore!!! But I can't back out now... maybe in 2 weeks I can back out??? or maybe three?? so that I can at least cover 3 months of insurance?? ugh!!! what to do!!! blah!!

not liking this one bit!!! seriously, why didn't I give myself a break?? I gave myself 4 days off... WOW.. what a vacation!!! sheesh!!

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